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Shramek's Video Productions, Video Production Services, Lincoln, NE


30 days for a downloadable ad-free file.

This should be plenty of time to send an email link.
Allowing you to share and download your video with anyone. They will also be able to download it to their own device. 

$10 per month for an additional time

 $99 per year.
Any file over 5 GB is subject to an additional fee of $1.00 per gigabyte.


  Your file remains up indefinitely with ads.

But can still be shared with anyone.

Shramek's Video Cloud Service
Quality you can count on!
Your video will look it's best

across every device with our ad-free Vimeo Cloud Service,

 which supports your video in HD quality.

Share it with any friend or relative any place in

the world and remember they don't have to

have a computer or a DVD player.

All that's needed is any device

capable of opening an email,

Such as a Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, iPod,

iPad and other device.  

You can't plug a Flash Drive or a

DVD into a smartphone or tablet.

Imagine how awesome

it would be to send any relative or friend an

email link and all they have to do

is  tap on that link to view your Event.

Don't Panic ! 

It's so simple, we will make sure

that you are completely comfortable with how

to send a link to anyone you want.​​