Dance Recital Videos

We use Multiple Full HD cameras and a two-person team.

The Performance will be professionally shot and edited.

We encourage you to let us know what you want. 

We will make suggestions but you

will make final decisions.

Our experience over the years has taught us

that Dance Directors have certain ideas

on what they want.

 We will do our very best to follow your instructions.

Minimum Purchase

25 Digital email Downloads at

$20 each Plus Tax


Minimum Purchase
35 Digital email Downloads at
$15 each Plus Tax

Flash Drive or DVD

$30.00 each

All orders must be paid no later than

one week prior to the show.

If we do not receive 25 orders,

we're sorry but we will be unable

to Shoot or produce the video

Shramek's Video

The Transfer Center

4220 South 33rd, Suite D, Lincoln, NE  68506

One half block North of 33rd & Pioneers (east side)

Janet 402-475-2767​​    Grant 402-805-8800


Done in our studio

Never mailed

Check out our A+ rating with the

Better Business Bureau

Shramek's Video Productions, Video Production Services, Lincoln, NE

Grant & Janet - Owners

Jacki - Film Transfer Technician

Sonar -

Studio Greeter

 Photographs from video

Photographs extracted from

your 4K video 

After editing is completed and the Master file

has been created we will create

Photograph file of JPEG Still images.

Taken every 4 seconds from the 4K video

with our professional Macintosh software.

That's 900 pictures per hour.