Dance Recital Videos

​We use two 4K cameras and a two person team.

The Performance will be professionally edited.

We encourage you to let us know what you

want and expect regarding close-ups,

wide-angle views and just generally

how you want the performance recorded.

We will make suggestions but you

will make final decisions.

Our experience over the years has taught us

that Dance Directors have certain ideas

on what they want.

 We will do our very best to follow

your instructions.

Minimum Purchase

 35 Digital Download orders at

$15 each

You will receive your

Digital Download Link

 that will be password-protected.

You'll receive the password in your email

The link will stay active for

One Full Year.

During this time, you will need to

download it to your device.

All orders ​must be paid no later

than one week prior to the show.

If we do not receive 30 orders we're sorry

but we will be unable to produce the video

 Digital download

 ​We will send you an email with your

Digital Download Link and your password.

It's very simple but should you need

any assistance just call

Shramek's Video At

402-805-8800  or  402-475-2767

If you prefer a Flash Drive or a DVD

They are $40 each

Shramek's Video Cloud Service
Quality you can count on

Your video will look it's best across every device with our ad-free online player, which supports your video in  it's original quality.  you can share it with any friend or relative in the world and remember they don't  have to have a computer or a DVD player. All that's needed is any device capable of opening an email. Such as a Smart phone, Tablet, iPod

 iPad and other devices.

The Cloud Link will remain active for

One Full Year. 

At anytime during that year you can download the video to your own device. It's easy

just click on the download button.

You can't plug in a Flash Drive or a DVD to a smart phone or tablet but almost anyone can open an email on their smart phone or tablet and click on the link that will play the video. Almost everybody has a smart phone today. Imagine how awesome it would be to send your Grandmother an email and all she has to do is open the email and tap on the link to view the video. 

Don't Panic, it is so simple, you can call us if you're having any trouble and we will make sure that

you are completely comfortable with how to

send a link to anyone you want.

Shramek's Video Transfer Center

4220 South 33rd, Suite D, Lincoln, NE  68506

One half block North of 33rd & Pioneers (east side)

Janet 402-475-2767​​

Grant 402-805-8800


You don't have to be a technical geek to understand that the larger the image the sharper & better the picture!

​​​Please check out our A+ rating  with the

Better Business Bureau

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