Any Video Tape Transferred to

Both DVD And Flash Drive

 All tapes to 1 Flash Drive - Each tape to its own DVD

Just $19.99 each

Plus a one time charge of $4.99 for the one Flash Drive

Both DVD and Shareable Cloud Service

Just $24.99 each

Repair Damaged/Broken Tape

$19.99 each

 Transfer Any Digital Storage Device

to Flash Drive and/or DVD
Camcorders   $19.99
Hard drives   $19.99
Flash drives   $19.99
Memory cards   $19.99

(per 2 hours)

Plus $4.99 for the Flash Drive.

Any smartphone to a Flash Drive   $29.99

Plus $4.99 for the Flash Drive. 

Over 5 GBs Will require an additional fee of  $1 per GB

Transfer Old Outdated Media to 
Flash Drive and/or DVD

Betamax Consumer  Video Tape     $19.99
 Betacam Professional Video Tape     $29.99
 ¾" Video Tape      $19.99

Audio Cassettes (both sides)     $15.99
Records (both sides)     $19.99
Reel to Reel Audio Tape     $24.99

Zip Disks    $19.99
3 1/2 inch Floppy Disks    $19.99
8 Track Audio Cassette    $19.99

Plus $4.99 for the Flash Drive

(per 2 hours)

The best and most cost effective way
to share your videos
Let us put your videos on a Secure cloud service.
Share your videos with anyone.
No need to mail DVDs or Flash Drives.
We just send you a link in an email

that you will save.
Then all you have to do is copy and paste the link
into any email that you would like to send to someone.
The really awesome thing about this is that
your recipient does not have to have a
 DVD player or a computer with a USB plug-in
for  Flash drives.
 Your video can be viewed by anyone you choose
on any device. Smartphone, iPad, iPod, any computer, etc.
You have a choice, your video can be public, unlisted
 or password-protected. All your recipient has to do is open the email and click on the link and it just works.
Plus you will receive your own personal DVD copy of each video tape. No need for the additional purchase of
 flash drive or DVDs
all for just $24.99 per tape

Sonar -

Studio Greeter

Grant & Janet - Owners

Any Video Tape Transferred to DVD 

Just $12.99 each
 Additional DVDs $6.49 each

​Any transfer that exceeds two hours

will be charged 

an additional $.10 per minute​​

Free Viewing Center
Do you have old video tapes that you don't 
even know what's on them anymore

Maybe you don't even have a machine
that can play them anymore.
Not a problem - just bring them to
Shramek's Video and use our

Free Viewing Center

Jacki - Film Transfer Technician

Check out our A+ rating with the

Better Business Bureau

Shramek's Video Productions, Video Production Services, Lincoln, NE

Done in our studio

Never mailed

Shramek's Video

The Transfer Center

4220 South 33rd, Suite D, Lincoln, NE  68506

One half block North of 33rd & Pioneers (east side)

Janet 402-475-2767​​    Grant 402-805-8800


​​Many years ago you probably paid a lot of money
for a camcorder that records on tape.
​Do you even have a video tape player anymore that works ?
Let Shramek's Video convert that old box of video tapes.

 VHS, 8 mm, C-​Cassette, Mini DV,

 Broken Tapes (We can FIX them)

DVD or CD to DVD or CD

$6.49 each