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Shramek's Video Productions, Video Production Services, Lincoln, NE

Shramek's Video 

4220 South 33rd, Suite D, Lincoln, NE  68506

One half block North of 33rd & Pioneers (east side)

Janet 402-475-2767​​    Grant 402-805-8800

email: Grant@ShrameksVideo.com

Every foot of film is personally monitored and edited by our technician

Super 8mm, Regular 8 & 16 mm film.

We can also do most Sound Film
(something most other businesses can't do)

Don't take the chance of it being lost or damaged in the mail
(it happens more than you think).
Transfer to Cloud Service
Download and Share with anyone that can open an email

If your film has been spliced together onto bigger reels,
we still charge it at the same rate of
$8.50 per 50 feet.
This is the same as $.17 per film foot.

If you don't know how many films you have,
just bring it into our studio and we will assist you in
figuring out exactly how much footage you have
before you commit to anything.
If making a trip to the studio is inconvenient, just give us a call and we
can walk you through figuring out how much footage you have.