Put all of your old Memorabilia into a

memory box and send it to us.

When was the last time you could easily view

any of your precious memories?

We pay for shipping both ways

Must be sent

Media Mail at the US Post Office

Just let us know the amount on your postal receipt and we will

deduct that amount from your bill

When we send your order back,

we will keep a digital copy on our hard drives

until you email us that you have received your order

We can transfer any of the following

Photos, Slides, Any tape format, VHS,

VHS c-cassettes, 8mm, Betamax cassettes,

Betacam cassettes, Zip disks, Floppy disks

Audio cassettes, Audio reel to reel

Old movie film, super 8mm, regular 8mm


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Call us 


Prior to shipping your order and we will walk you through

everything and answer all of your questions.

You will be talking to the people
that will actually be doing your order!

All major credit cards accepted


Send to

Shramek's Video Productions

4220 South 33rd, Suite D

Lincoln NE 68506

Memory Box

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Shramek's Video Productions, Video Production Services, Lincoln, NE

Shramek's Video 

4220 South 33rd, Suite D, Lincoln, NE  68506

One half block North of 33rd & Pioneers (east side)

Janet 402-475-2767​​    Grant 402-805-8800

email: Grant@ShrameksVideo.com